Film Credits

American Pie starring Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy “I Am The Summertime”
100 Girls “100 Girls,” “Twisting Like a Lover’s Kiss,” “Where has your Lover Gone,” “Dream I’m In”
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Humans “Train Lovers”
Material Girls staring Hilary Duff and Angelica Huston “This Is Our Moment”


TV Credits

CSI “Spaceship”
NCIS “Genie In My Dreams”
E! Entertainment “She Makes the Make-up Look Good”
Lifetime Network “This Is Our Moment”

A&E’s The Cleaner “Follow That Sound”


Artist Credits

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw “Like We Never Loved At All”
Matt White “Falling In Love With Your Best Friend”
Sharon Little – Co-wrote 3 Full Length Albums
Jennifer Love-Hewitt “Ave of the Stars”